Improving lives with medical bracing

Performance Care is a therapist owned & operated DME provider located in Nashville, Tennessee. We work with medical providers, therapists, pain specialists, and self-referred clients across the state--specializing in bracing for back pain, knee pain, foot drop, scoliosis, kyphosis (stooped posture), upper extremity conditions, pain management, and comfort/positioning.

Performance Care was started by David Stricker in 2014. He is an Occupational Therapist who received his Masters in Occupational Therapy from Belmont University after practicing as a COTA for 7 years. Upon starting Performance Care, David worked as an independent contractor with various home health agencies in the area and grew to include multiple disciplines/therapists--quickly becoming a respected therapy contractor in middle Tennessee.

Performance Care later expanded to offering medical bracing services after recognizing the need. Despite the fact that braces are effective in decreasing pain and improving functional outcomes, it seemed they were generally under-utilized by therapists and medical providers. The process of getting a brace could be daunting, and often times the outcomes were underwhelming. At Performance Care, we know the right brace, fit correctly can be highly effective.


We have simplified the ordering process, have extensive product knowledge, and fit all braces & provide necessary training in-home/in-clinic. Performance Care strives for excellence in customer service and Client care!

Other members of the Performance Care team include Megan Stricker, who is also an Occupational Therapist, and Joe Thomashefski.

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